Materials that SLNC has produced for distribution and download

Protecting our Waterways – information on what you can do to help reduce litter and pollution in our creeks and water bodies…

“Protecting our Waterways” -side one and

“Protecting our Waterways” – side two

How to tell a cane toad from a native frog, and what you can do to stop cane toads invading your back yard.

SLNC Cane Toads vs Native Frogs flyer

What is a Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, and what can you do to help bring this beautiful native back into our backyards.

SLNC Richmond Birdwing leaflet

What are Common (Indian) Mynas, and what you can do to protect the native wildlife in your neighbourhood.

SLNC Myna flyer A4

Materials produced by other organisations

What are Common (Indian) Myna birds? How can you identify them? Can you please help map their spread.

Myna Flyer from Feralscan Flyer

Also search the SEQ Regional NRM group “Healthy Land and Water” website for additional environmental information, and for downloadable resources.