About us


Who we are

Springfield Lakes Nature Care Inc is an incorporated group of volunteers working to protect and enhance the natural environment within and around Opossum Creek Catchment. Our Group is a member of Queensland Water & Land Carers Group (QWaLC) and we work closely with council, volunteers and other stakeholders in projects in our catchment. Our group was established in February 2017 and became a registered charity in 2019.

Mission Statement : To be involved in a range of activities that encompass all things that are part of our ecosystem in the Opossum Creek catchment area, such as flora, fauna, land and water health, and to align with the principals” of the Queensland Water & Land Carers Group (QWaLC).

Our Objectives

  1. Work to enhance the natural environment of Springfield lakes.
  2. Build awareness of the local environment amongst the Springfield lakes community through provision of education, activities and distribution of information.
  3. Promote community participation in environmental activities that enhance and protect existing conservation areas/parklands/reserves and waterways in Springfield lakes and the surrounding areas.

Read more about Springfield Lakes Nature Care Inc.’s Constitution Rules and Policies