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Our Environment

The natural landscapes of the Greater Springfield area

Springfield Lakes, despite being part of Ipswich, sits within the Lower Brisbane River catchment. All rain that falls within the greater Springfield region either finds its way back into the sky through evapotranspiration before it reaches a waterway, or once into a waterway, eventually finds its way into the Brisbane River and out into Moreton Bay.


Latest News

  • Queens Jubilee Tree Plantings

    During 2023 SLNC organised 5 planting events at Opossum Creek Bushcare site and with the help of wonderful volunteers planted 2000 trees, all in celebration of the late Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee (70th). This work was funded through the Planting Trees for The Queen’s Jubilee grant through The Australian Government.

  • SLNC Platypus Watch finds platypus in our creeks

    Springfield Lakes Nature Care has been conducting annual platypus watch surveys in August since 2022 and have recorded a number of platypus. See ABC news report and some photos from previous events. Survey detects platypus in an unlikely location in urban area of Brisbane River catchment near Ipswich – with video from SLNC

  • How to Build a Frog Hotel

    You can build your very own frog hotel to attract frogs to your backyard and keep them safe from predators. Watch this video to see how easy it is to build. Then build your own using these instructions “How to Build a Frog Hotel”. Check out more information about the Frogs of Greater Springfield and […]

  • Opossum Creek Bushcare

    SLNC is now part of the Ipswich City Council “Bushcare” Program, looking after a patch of native bush along Opossum Creek in Brookwater.

  • Cane Toad Challenge

    Springfield Lakes Cane Toad Challenge   Background: Cane toads (Rhinella marina) are exotic pests that wreck havoc in the environment.  This occurs in two ways. They are voracious eaters of anything that they can fit in their wide mouths. An excessive toad population results in less food for native wildlife (especially birds, frogs and small […]

  • Waterways Need Care and Attention

    Springfield Lakes, despite being part of Ipswich, sits within the Lower Brisbane River catchment.  What is done in the greater Springfield area has flow-on effects to down-stream areas.  The unnamed creeks that feed the lakes and wind their way around the houses and parklands join larger creeks such as Mountain Creek and Opossum Creek, which […]