Upcoming Events

2 upcoming events

Cane Toad Catching – Friday 20th April 7:00 pm.

Spring Lake Pontoon near the Ash Barty Tennis Court opposite the IGA.

Please join us to in the Change Toad Challenge.  SLNC has partnered with University of Queensland to collect toads and provide their toxin so that they can make baits that can attract and catch 1000’s of tadpoles out of the lakes before they turn into toads.

Toad-busting nights are held monthly over the summer months.  You will be trained in toad vs frog identification (we don’t want to catch our lovely native frogs) and provided with gloves so you don’t have to directly touch the horrible toads.



Mother’s Day Tree Planting – Sunday 13th May – time TBD

place to be determined

Please join us to plant some trees to add to the native vegetation in our suburb of Springfield Lakes and respect our Mother’s and how they nurtured us.