Threatened Species Day 7 Sept 2019

Threatened Species Day 7 Sept 2019

This event, the first ever Threatened Species Day event by SLNC, was held to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the deaths of Lloyd Bird and Ric Nattras, two hard working environmentalists that had a lasting effect on the natural environment in the Greater Springfield area.

Their achievements were recognised by the planting of two Birdwing Butterfly vines, which we hope will attract the gorgeous Richmond Birdwing Butterfly back into the area.

Luise Manning & Chris Boston planting Ric Nattrass’s memorial vine
Luise Manning and Charis Mullen MP getting her hands dirty with Loyd Bird’s memorial vine

The event was held at Opossum Creek Parklands at Scoparia Drive, Brookwater. Groups that contributed with information stalls included:

  • Queensland Mycological Society (fungi)
  • Birds Queensland
  • Koala Rescue
  • National Parks Association of Queensland
  • SEQ Frog Society
  • West Moreton Landcare
  • Queensland Water and Land Carers (QWaLC)
Birds Queensland stall
Koala Rescue – an example of their great work
Green tree frogs (raised from eggs)
Drey making demonstration (homes for Ringtail possums)
Examining waterbugs collected from Opossum Creek
waterbugs – caddis flys, nymphs, spiders etc…
Mycological information displayed in their stall
Toadinator trap – specifically designed to catch adult female toads (breeders)


Myna traps

To catch common (Indian) mynas – which are becoming a major feral pest to our native wildlife

Kookaburra being an interested observer of the sausage sizzle

The Event concluded with a short walk to the Lloyd Bird revegetation site. This is a popular spot for little birds and several species were seen through binoculars.

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